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Initiative for Sustainability and Change (ISAC)

Sustainability & change is a by-word for some of the most challenging issues facing contemporary society. The various types of relationship between man and the surrounding nature has always been decisive for societal change and development, but in recent decades the debates surrounding this relationship, and the attempts to change its future directions has multiplied.
In order to make the right choices for modern society, research generated insights are pivotal, and environmental history plays an important part in this. The past reservoir of human experience is a necessity for understanding the changes of today and tomorrow.

From this point of departure, we are launching a the lecture series, Sustainability & Change, featuring a series of cutting edge research presented by some of finest international and Danish researchers in the broadly defined area of sustainability & change. In each talk, the relationship between man and nature over time is explored from a multiple of perspectives from the worlds of human, social and natural sciences.

The presenting scholars possess far ranging expertise, but a common thread is the idea of addressing these overarching questions:

  • What is sustainability?
  • What is state-of-the-art?
  • Where are we heading/where should we be heading?

Bo Poulsen & Mogens Rüdiger


Professor with Specific Responsibilities
Mogens Rüdiger

Kroghstraede 1 
Room: 3.006 
9220 Aalborg East, DK

Phone: +45 9940 8306 
Mail: rudiger@cgs.aau.dk 

Associate Professor
Bo Poulsen 

Kroghstraede 1 
Room: 3.008 
9220 Aalborg East, DK

Mobile: +45 2058 2859 
Mail: bpoulsen@cgs.aau.dk