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Welcome to CoMID

Welcome to CoMID

The Center for the Study of Migration and Diversity (CoMID) is located at the Institute of culture and Global Studies. CoMID was launched at the University of Aalborg, Denmark on September 1st 2010 and grew out of the formerly Academy for Migration Studies in Denmark (AMID). CoMID is a research and teaching team that studies the origins, the practice and consequences of international migration broadly conceived. The fields covered by CoMID senior and junior researchers encompass areas of research and themes related to domestic and international migration processes and mobility patterns for individuals and groups considered in a short and long-term period and in a relational context between individuals, groups and structure.

Our interest and research also engage with the lives of migrants and other minorities. We include the perspective of minorities as they form various types of communities, policies, media representations, popular consciousness imposed upon the minorities. From a primarily inter-disciplinary perspective, but also a multi-disciplinary and comparative one, we focus on processes of inclusion and exclusion. We address the following sub-themes:

  • Ethnification and racialization
  • Anti-migration rhetoric, sentiments, discourses and practices
  • Integration and the labour market
  • Inter-racial and inter-generational issues
  • The news media and minorities
  • Self-understandings of minorities
  • Zero-tolerance and narratives of culture clash
  • Transnational formations
  • Dynamics of migration-, asylum, and integration policies
  • Irregular migration

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Research coordinator Martin Bak Jørgensen

Phone: +45 9940 8390

Email: comid@cgs.aau.dk

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