Workshop on Emerging Dynamics

Workshop on Emerging Dynamics of South-North and South-South Transnational Communities and NGOs Connections


23.11.2017 kl. 09.00 - 18.30


The workshop analyses south-south and south-north migration dynamics, and transnationalism specifically exploring variations in migrant transnationalism in south-south and south-north- instances:

  • Exploring the extent to which established social and political theorizations can accommodate the social and political institutions transnational, regional and global connections/cooperation. 
  • Presenting empirical analyses of comparative transnational instances aiming at beyond homogenization and nation-state organization and institutionalization beyond conventional north-south transnational contexts.  
  • The pluralization and diversification of transnational formations introduced by north-south, and south-south diaspora and transnational communities. 
  • Interactions, strategies and joint networks by transnational NGOs and transnational communities.

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Kroghstræde 3- 1.207

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