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COMID history

CoMID was established on the pillars of the Academy for Migration Studies in Denmark (AMID) which was a network of experienced researchers created in 2001 gathering three Danish institutions of higher education (Aalborg University, Arhus University and Business School) and two research institutes (SFI and AKF).

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The network accumulated knowledge and expertise in different aspects of migration, ethnic questions, marginalization, citizenship and nationalism at the national, international and transnational levels.

Aalborg University was thus from start the network headquarter and active consortium partner. Here several departments and centers conducted research in the area of migration and ethnicity following the tradition of close interdisciplinary collaboration.

In 2005 a grant from the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Science and the faculties of Humanities and Social Science at Aalborg University financed a comprehensive research project on Irregular Migration and Global Control Regimes – including the implications for Denmark and the launching of a Master education in International Migration and Ethnic Relations (IMER), which started in Fall 2007.

The main research goals of the Irregular Migration project consisted in developing new knowledge on the issue. To the present this has resulted in the publication of two ph.d. dissertations and an anthology on Irregular Migration in a Scandinavian Perspective, published in August 2010. Other publications on this topic are planned published in the upcoming future.

The Irregular Migration project has through the years strengthened the research profile of the Aalborg University team and in September 2010 the group decided to change its name into CoMID, when also the former network it was affiliated to was transformed into a wider and less structured cooperation activity.

The official launching of CoMID reflects the purpose of the Aalborg University team to continue focusing on the field of migration at both the research and educational levels. CoMID is today characterized by an interdisciplinary member group, who work together on ethnic, racial, national, gender, religious, age and other such issues in relation to migrants, refugees and descendants, but also on a broader and more inclusive concept of diversity.

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