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CoMID research staff members are both individually and as a team actively engaged in a number of national and international networks and activities.

Nordic Migration Research

Nordic Migration Research (NMR) is established on the idea that the common Nordic ground and some demographical and historical differences however make research collaboration very rewarding. Furthermore, joint efforts will increase opportunities to profile Nordic research at international level. Besides research collaboration NMR provides research training in the field of migration in terms of PhD. courses the Nordic countries toa large number of students in different disciplines. NMR is also responsible for publishing the Nordic Journal of Migration Research. The NMR Management Board consists of representatives from organisations and institutions from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. CoMID members are represented in both the Management Board and the Editorial Board.

The Network of Socio-Economic experts in the non-discrimination field (SEN)

CoMID staff members are part of The Network of Socio-Economic experts in the non-discrimination field (SEN), which provides the European Commission with independent expertise and advice and sustained information on discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, ethnic or racial origin, sexual orientation, religion or belief and multiple grounds. In particular, the objectives of SEN are: "To provide the European Commission with informed analysis of national situations and policy developments with regard to discrimination on the above mentioned grounds and multiple discrimination […] To assist the launch and implementation of a series of exchanges of good practices on anti-discrimination policies and practices, with a view to facilitate the exchange of information on anti-discrimination issues and transferability of good practices between countries".



IMISCOE is a Research Network uniting 27 established European research institutes in pursuit of studies under the themes of international migration, integration and social cohesion. IMISCOE started as Network of Excellence in 2004 funded by the European Commission. The website of IMISCOE (NoE) is accessible until after the final evaluation by the European Commission. Since April 2010 IMISCOE functions as an independent network that is funded by institutional membership. Active membership also includes the research group on Research-Policy Dialogues on Migration and Integration in Europe, which grew out of the IMISCOE network.



The Migra-Nord network gathers more than 90 junior and senior academics working in the interdisciplinary field of media, migration and ethnic relations in the Nordic countries, particularly in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. We aim to include researchers from the Baltic countries.




Association for Danish Migration Research (ADMIRE) founded on November 12t 2009 and headed by Garbi Schmit, SFI. Website is on the way at: http://www.migrationresearch.dk/admire.html


The Media Anthropology Network (MAN), European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA), aims to foster international discussion and collaboration around the anthropology of media. More than 700 scholars and practitioners are members of the network. In addition to the network MAN also organizes sessions at the EASA meetings as well as working to publish books covering this new meeting ground of anthropologists, communications scholars, journalism researchers and others.


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