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New PhD fellow: Tess S. Skadegård Thorsen

New PhD fellow: Tess S. Skadegård Thorsen

As of November 1, 2015 Tess S. Skadegård Thorsen is new PhD fellow at the research project "A Study of Experiences and Resistance to Racialization in Denmark (SERR)"

Tess joined CoMID in November after spending the last year as a part-time lecturer (Ekstern Lektor) at RUC. As part of the SERR research-group Tess will spend the next 3 years pursuing a Ph.D. at CoMID. Her project examines the Danish film-industry from the production-side, focusing on (re)production and negotiation of race-, whiteness-, gender- and minority-related representations. Tess will follow film-productions from the finishing stages of script-writing into the final stages of filming, tracking challenges and negotiations with regards to writing, casting, directing, acting and initial editing.

Tess holds a BA in Film- and Media studies and an MA in Media studies, both from KU. Furthermore she has lived, worked and studied (respectively) in St. Petersburg, London and New York (Columbia University - where she especially worked with race, gender and sexuality) and she has also worked in consulting (Business and Human Rights - CSR).

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