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The staff of IMER teachers will help you with the proper teaching, training and foundation that is necessary for you to choose between public and private positions and responsibilities dealing with minorities and question of integration and diversity management, or with future perspectives in the educational and research fields and in general for employments requiring experience with multi cultural issues and cosmopolitan working values.

The IMER teaching will prepare you to do various kinds of analysis and encourages you to integrate an internship that bridges the practical work experience with the theoretical concepts, methods and ideas learned in higher education. Students will be able to reflect analytically and create a platform for analyzing and understanding societal transformations within the Danish society and at the European and international levels.

The IMER Master offers you the opportunity to study in an international environment where teaching and project writing is in English. IMER will also improve your educational, learning and training competences by means of individual and/or group project working that allows you to put learning into practice.

IMER organizes a yearly study trip where students get the change to visit governmental and non-governmental institutions and organizations working at the local and international levels. This allows you to get relevant information about their programs, policy implementation and activities and an insight on future perspectives on the labour market.

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