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CoMID Working Paper Series is published by the research unit CoMID (Centre for the Study of Migration and Diversity, Aalborg University). The series is aimed at publishing academic work in progress and new research within the area of migration and diversity. The results of new research presented here can have different theoretical, methodological and disciplinary perspectives as long as these are related to themes within Migration and Diversity studies. Staff at Aalborg University, affiliated researchers, visiting lectures, invited authors may all contribute to enrich our Working Paper Series. Working papers are published primarily either in English or Danish and occasionally also in one of the Nordic languages. Once a submitted and screened according to the publication technical criteria, the working paper is sent to double peer reviewing. The editorial staff will grant an additional quality check procedure before the publication.

The Working Paper Series editor is Peter Hervik, members of the editorial staff are Martin Bak Jørgensen, Ruth Emerek, Trine Lund Thomsen and Susi Meret. All correspondence about the academic content of the series must be addressed to Peter Hervik: hervik@cgs.aau.dk

For authors: Use the American Sociological Association Style guide as closely as possible.

2 / 2012
Martin Bak Jørgensen
Dependent, Deprived or Deviant? The construction of deserving and undeserving groups – the case of single mothers in Denmark 

1 / 2011
Anders Hellström & Peter Hervik
Feeding "the Beast". Nourishing Nativist Appeals in Sweden and Denmark

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