Dialogue forum

In connection with the centre, a dialogue forum has been established with the purpose of:

  • Creating a forum for mutual inspiration on subjects concerning equality, diversity and gender
  • Contribute to the exchange of experience and knowledge in relation to the current and future projects and activities of the centre
  • Promote a strong collaboration between the centre and external stakeholders, as well as contractors
  • Contribute to the consolidation of the centre as a strong actor on a local/regional, national and European level.

Participants in the Dialogue Forum

The participants in the dialogue forum represent – all together – local/regional and national stakeholders and contractors. The centre's dialogue forum is constituted for two years at a time and meets approx. once every six months.

  • Co-founder of EDGE and president of the dialogue forum: Professor, Ruth Emerek
  • Co-founder of EDGE: Professor, Birte Siim
  • EDGE: Associate professor, Stine Thidemann Faber
  • EDGE: Associate professor, Helene Pristed Nielsen
  • EDGE: Associate professor, Lise Rolandsen Augustin
  • The Obel Family Foundation: Foundation administrator, Britta Graa
  • Ministry for Children, Education and Gender Equality: Louise Kastrup
  • AMU Nordjylland: Team leader Dorte Boddum Kronborg
  • 3F: Equality consultant Marianne Bruun
  • KVINFO: Director Nina Groes
  • Dialogue Against Violence: Director Susanne Nour Magnusson
  • Adjunct professor at AAU/ Professor at Oslo University: Hege Skjeie 
  • LO: Consultant and project leader Lise Johansen
  • DA: Chief consultant Lise E. Bardenfleth
  • Danish Center for Human Rights: Team Leader, gender and equality, Ask Hesby Krogh