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Internship at EDGE is not only about work and application of previous skills and knowledge, but also a process of continuous learning

I joined the EDGE team during my internship period from September 2nd 2013 till January 15th 2014, as a master student of European Studies at Aalborg University. My main responsibilities included the creation of data base on EU legislation regarding gender equality issues. Additionally to that, I learned to create online based surveys for research needs, and work with data analysis, organize and manage seminars for students, gained impression of the researchers’ work, writing tips for articles and join the meetings and discussion panels regarding research papers.

Due to the small number of researchers at EDGE, interns are supported with a very welcoming and positive attitude, supervision and help in any difficulties and possibility to come up with new ideas or proposals. You are involved in all the activities of the center’s work and feel like being a part of it! To sum up, this experience does not limit you in your future carrier choices, but opens a lot of doors and contacts in different working environments!

Aija Konisevska
Intern in EDGE
Master degree student in European Studies