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EDGE – structure and relations

EDGE was formed based on an initiative from FREIA – Centre for Gender Studies because of a desire to be able to meet requests by external partners and stakeholders to a larger degree. In daily operations, there is a close cooperation between the two units.

EDGE is a centre "without walls" - something which is apparent by the number of collaborative relations – but with a physical and organizational location in the Department for Culture and Global Studies, which contributes financially to the center, for instance with resources from the department’s secretariat.

Apart from the permanent research team, EDGE also draws on a number of associated researchers and research environments at AAU and other Danish universities, just as researchers from EDGE take part in a number of Nordic and international networks.

Contact EDGE

Contact EDGE

Head of Centre Stine Thidemann Faber

Aalborg University
Kroghstraede 3
9220 Aalborg East, Denmark

Phone: +45 9940 9206
Email: edge@edge.aau.dk