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Men and Masculinities in a Globalized World - Hegemonic Masculinity - a Contested Concept

A research seminar with focus on men and masculinities on the basis of presentations from international and Danish gender researchers. It will debate men and masculinities theoretically as well as empirically.


15.05.2014 kl. 13.00 - 17.00


The seminar will debate the theoretical notion of 'hegemonic masculinity' and how this can be used in empirical studies of men and masculinities. The presentations are based on different geographical and social contexts, emphasizing the importance of contextualization. Which masculinities are identified at play in the different contexts? And what will the implications be for gender relations in these contexts?



13.00 Welcome by Diana Højlund Madsen, Assistant Professor, FREIA and Lotte Bloksgaard, Associate Professor, FREIA.

13.10 Presentation by Professor Jane Parpart, Institute of Political Economy, Ottawa, Canada and Honorary Professor at Aalborg University: ‘Soldiering On: Pushing militarized masculinities into new territory’.
Discussant: Diana Højlund Madsen, Assistant Professor, AAU

14.00 Presentation by Post.Doc Bjarke Oxlund, Copenhagen University: ‘Situated Masculinity: Challenges to the Concept of Hegemonic Masculinity from a Study of Love in Limpopo, South Africa’.
Discussant: Jane Parpart

14.50 Break: Coffee, tea, cake and fruit

15:05 Presentation by Professor Ann-Dorte Christensen, AAU: ‘Combining Hegemonic Masculinity and Intersectionality’.
Discussant: Birte Siim, Professor, AAU

15:55 Presentation by Associate Professor Lotte Bloksgaard, FREIA, Aalborg University: ‘Changing Masculinity Ideals in a Danish Context?’.
Discussant: Bjarke Oxlund

16:45 Closing of seminar



FREIA - The Gender Research Centre in Aalborg


Kroghstræde 3, Room 3.115

Registration Deadline

12.05.2014 kl. 16.00

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