Launch of a new master specialization in Global Gender Studies

In September 2014 the new two-year master specialization in Global Gender Studies started. The introduction attracted many students

Global Gender Studies (Development and International Relations/European Studies)

Global Gender Studies is a two-year master specialization at the School of Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg University, Denmark.

Gender and related categories of e.g. religion, ethnicity, ‘race’, class and sexuality pose multiple inequalities which are vital for our understanding of development and international relations in a globalizing world. Discriminations and inequalities (e.g. at the labour market) can be related to different globalization processes (e.g. global migration processes) as these can be recognised in different regions and continents of the world.

The Global Gender Studies programme gives a specific focus to gendered perspectives upon structures and processes in international law (including human rights), equality politics on national, transnational and international levels, global democracy and governance, international institutions and transnational actors.

For further information please see the Study Guide

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