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Usefull links and databases

Below is a list of national, Nordic and European statistics and databases representing a wide range of resources within the area of gender, equality and diversity.

Danish Gender Equality Statistics

Statistics Denmark, Gender Equality

Statics Denmark, publication

Nordic Gender Equality Statistics and indicators

Nordic gender equality statistics

Nordic cooperation, gender equality indicators


The global gender gap index, World Economic Forum (The Global Gender Gap Report, 2017)

The global inequality index

The Global Gender Equality Constitutional Database

EIGE, European Institute for Gender Equality, Gender Statistics Database

EIGE, European Institute for Gender Equality, Gender Equality Index

EUROSTAT, Equality

SHE-figures, Gender in Research and Innovation

Danish and Nordic Gender Databases, -Conferences and - Courses

Data archive DAISY, Danish Women’s history collection

InterGender, Ph.D. Gender Courses

MINNA Nordic Gender Calendar

Database GENA, Swedish Ph.D. dissertations with a gender perspective

KVINSAM, Göteborg’s University library, section for gender research   

FRAGEN databasen (tekstsamling)

UNESCO, sektionen for Gender Equality

WINE, A European Network of Libraries, Archives, Information Centres and Web Portals in Gender, Feminist and Women's Research

ATRIA, Database on women’s/gender information centres around the world   

"Women’s Studies International"; a database covering the core disciplines in Women’s Studies to the latest scholarship in feminist research

Additional useful links




500 Women Scientists (international campaign)

Promote me campaign - Working to bridge the gender gap in Science 2018 (Danish campaign)