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15 February 2018

15 February 2018

Martin Lemberg-Pedersen was interviewed by DR’s Detektor on the Danish Social Democrats’ claim, that ‘Every time we spend 135kr on an asylum seeker in Europe, we only spend 1kr on a refugee in the developing countries’. According to Lemberg-Pedersen, then “the numbers are meaningless”.

According to the Social Democrats, it should no longer be possible to apply for asylum neither at the Danish borders nor in the asylum centers. The argument is following the logic of Paul Collier and Alexander Betts’ calculations stating that: “Every time we spend $135 on an asylum seeker in Europe, we only spend $1 on a refugee in the developing countries”

DR’s Detektor has investigated the claim and interviewed Martin Lemberg-Pedersen on the matter, who states that when you look behind the numbers it is obvious that the comparison is problematic and that the calculations are meaningless.

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