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grs in the media - press clipping item

16 November 2017

16 November 2017

GRS Professor Steffen Jensen was interviewed on Danish radio - P1 Morgen – on the truce recently called in the Copenhagen gang conflict.

After months of shootings in Copenhagen due to a gang conflict between Loyal to Familia and Brothas, a truce has been negotiated, which shall ensure a four week ceasefire. The truce was negotiated by concerned neighbors, families and friends, and is therefore a local initiative.

In the interview, Steffen Jensen points to research on gang-related conflicts, which shows it is almost always local initiatives in the civil society that make an end to these kinds of conflicts. However, he also that points out that there is a general idea that it should be the state and police that takes on this role instead.

“These local initiatives continuously get problematized and seen as an expression of parallel societies, which undermine the rule of law. Why are these initiatives not seen as people assuming responsibility for their families and neighborhoods?” Steffen Jensen asks in the interview.

Listen to the full interview here (starting at 06:54- in Danish only)