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26 February 2018

26 February 2018

GRS’ Martin Lemberg-Pedersen has written an article for Politiken commenting on the consequences of the Social Democrats’ new asylum proposal. Lemberg-Pedersen is critiquing the premise for the proposed complete halt of asylum seekers to Denmark.

Martin Lemberg-Pedersen’s article for Politiken is investigating the premise for the Social Democrats’ proposal for a complete asylum-stop in Denmark. The smuggling industry is continuingly being framed as ‘the villain’ but according to Martin-Lemberg Pedersen then the smuggling industry is a direct consequence of the systematic closing down of legal migration routes to Europe for the last 30 years.  The idea of moving the asylum processing down to police states is not only unlikely to work – countries neighbouring conflicts in the Global South is already hosting 90% of the refugees in the region and asking them to handle the last 10% is far away from the humanitarian ideas it is framed as being. 

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Martin Lemberg-Pedersen on the Social Democrats’ proposal

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