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28 May 2018

28 May 2018

GRS’ Martin Lemberg-Pedersen participated in the DIIS’ seminar on ’Asyl og migrationspolitisk krise’ (Crises of asylum- and migration policies).

Martin’s talk was on postcolonial refugee and migration research focussing on normativity, forgotten expulsions, border control, realism and idealism in refugee studies – and politics.  Martin discusses the paradigm change in refugee politics from the question of “would these policies work?” to now, where it is about limitations and confinement asking the question “would it have an effect? Will there then be fewer asylum seekers?”

Martin talks about the multidisciplinary research field, where refugee studies is in a landscape formed by both ideology and practice – and it is full of dilemmas. From postcolonial and applied ethical perspectives, Martin Lemberg-Pedersen discusses how feasible normative policy seeks to create "realistic utopia" and problematizes the assumption that restrictive nationalist asylum policy is more realistic than liberal cosmopolitan politics.

Watch the entire seminar here

Watch Martin’s talk here


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