International conference: Escalations

International conference: Escalations

Associate Professor Anja Kublitz from Global Refugee Studies co-organized an international conference from October 11th to 12th together with Copenhagen University attracting researchers from across the world.

The purpose of the conference was to explore acceleration processes ethnographically and comparatively, and was organized in connection with the ongoing collaborative research project Escalations, which aims to understand and theorize escalating processes from an anthropological perspective. Through a comparison of different ethnographic settings, the project examines shared features of contemporary escalations, defined as accelerating and unpredictable changes that involve transformations of scale, intense imaginations of past and future and ripple effects.

The speakers at the conference ranged from, among others, Ghassan Hage (professor at University of Melbourne), Joel Robbins (professor at Cambridge), Martin Holbraad (professor at London’s Global University), Patricia Spyer (professor at the Graduate Institute Geneva) and of course associate professor Anja Kublitz from Global Refugee Studies.

Escalations were discussed from the vantage point of the revolution in Cuba, accelerating speculation in India and Danish Jihadists. A comparison of these settings facilitated a discussion and understanding of the nature of escalations in specific settings and as a general phenomenon, which may be crucial for grasping the dynamics of the unprecedented change emerging in the 21st century.

The Escalation project is funded by the Independent Research Council Denmark (FKK).



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