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Creative Learning (by Doing)

Creative Learning (by Doing)

Teaching and researching with PBL: Integrating students in research and teaching.

Last modified: 27.02.2017

This project is developing new tool to integrate students from Tourism Studies and Global Refugee Studies in developing new ways of using the problem-based –learning (PBL) model to transform the project based learning model and create creative ways of integrating students in teaching methods and research projects.

During field-trips students will work with different actors (NGOs, villages and communities) to gather material for reports on how actors can develop and implement tourism and/or development projects. Most countries in the Global South are integrating tourism – and especially sustainable tourism – in their development plans.  This project will be incorporate results from students’ and staffs’ field work into creating new teaching material, and at the same time it will establish a platform where researchers and students establish learning processes that are based on co-creation.

The project will last for two years and the material collected and results produced during the project will be presented during seminars and in journal articles.


Vibeke Andersson
Associate Professor
Global Refugee Studies

Helene Balslev Clausen

Associate Professor
Tourism Research Unit & Global Refugee Studies


Funded by the School of Culture and Global Studies and the Study Board for Cross-cultural Studies (Tourism).


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