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LangLing - Languages and Linguistics

The research group LangLing provides a setting for language research in the Department of Culture and Learning and comprises linguistic basic R&D and applied language research in foreign languages and in Danish. Researchers in Danish, English, German and Spanish are currently represented in the group.

In LangLing, we research broadly in languages. However, for the foreseeable future we will focus on the following research areas:

  • Language functionality (e.g. genre surveys)
  • Sociolinguistics (e.g. language varieties and onomastics)
  • Text production (e.g. writing processes)
  • Translation studies (e.g. translation technology and intralingual translation)
  • Grammar
  • Language acquisition (at the university).

Contact LangLing

Contact LangLing

Research coordinator Lotte Dam

Kroghstraede 3, room 
9220 Aalborg East

Phone: +45 9940 9143

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